chapter 53 : i'm the Biggest


i didn't finish painting my entry/hallway, clean or fold laundry like i should have, but with tears occasionally gracing my cheeks i watched the live season finale of The Biggest Loser. they drug it out a little long for the content they actually had, but it was really great to see the dramatic changes that most of the contestants made since the beginning of the show. i really wanted Julie to win, but thought that Bill would probably take it. he worked really hard and was really nice throughout the show, so i think he deserved it too. i am just glad that Amy and Isabeau didn't win...i wasn't their biggest fans.

chapter 52 : i can almost see the light...


what are these you might ask? oh they're just a little something i like to call a pair of my pre-baby pants. can i get woot, woot from all the ladies who feel me on this issue? i decided one day to just try them and what do you know, they fit. i also am closer to my goal weight with only 15-20 more lbs. to still lose. yes they are a little tight, but i think it's one step in the right direction and is basically a miracle in and of itself...with all the chocolate i eat, this shouldn't be happening. plus i haven't worked out in a while so i can tell that my body needs it and my lower back is hurting again too, but hey let's not down play this for one second. let me bask in my moment. let me rejoice in my if i can just get the hips and tummy to cooperate too.
the last time i wore these pants was sometime in 2005 and if that's not a miracle then i don't know what is :)

chapter 51 : falling, faded and flamboyant

with snow falling
i worry i have failed

despair sets in
i try not to share my

music faded
too tired to think i

to let go
my shy yet flamboyant
sense of pride
inside my crazy


is it too late to apologize?

chapter 50 : what i haven't really been working on lately

oooh 50 posts. i should get a special prize or something ;) maybe someday i'll do giveaways like others...

i participated in a garland swap through sparkle power. we filled out some questions about ourselves, made a garland and sent a box full of goodies to our swap partner. this what i received. i love the soap and lotion so much. it was a fun activity to get ready for the holidays. i'll have to post picture of the stuff i sent after i get it off my camera.

the new fabric to attempt to make nursing covers out of. Taylie is now "feeding" her baby likes to wear mine so i want to make one for her.

i hope to also make a baby blanket out of these two...

the flower bows i tried to make for the girls' hair. i used scrapbooking brads in the middle that matched. i like the concept and they look cute in pigtails, but not just as a clip because they stick up too much. so hopefully in the future i can find some better flowers and some flatter clips.

i made this bow and stamped the paper as part of my friend's baby shower gift.
the baby shower spread. thanks to everyone who brought treats and came to celebrate.
my first blanket i sewed together. it is from a kit that has all of the materials and instructions with it. so that made it nice, but don't look.

chapter 49 : getting back on track...sort of


while listening to Christmas classics and updating my family blog with 21 new posts from the past months (unfortunately i'm still not completely caught up :S) i decided i better show some updates here too.
i'm super excited to leave for Utah on Friday. even though i haven't decorated for the Christmas season like i hope to in the future, i am starting to finally catch the holiday spirit.
things i love about this time of year...

* another good reason to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ and all that he's done for us
* how people are more willing to give to others
* snow
* eggnog
* seeing family
* hot chocolate
* getting mail : Christmas cards
* seeing my girls beginning to enjoy holidays
* a fresh start at a new year
* being one step closer to spring, summer & SUN!

chapter 48 : all in favor

if you love blogging, you'll love this too.

chapter 47 : i can help


if you've commented on my blog and i haven't gotten back to you yet, will you please comment here and i will try to get to you asap. i've finally got my desk, computer and space back (hence the 12:50 am post) and i'm getting caught up on the family stuff so more to come here soon. i'm sure you can't wait ;)