chapter 109 : LMBO (laughing my BUTT off)


i had heard this awful rumor on the radio, but thanks so Lindsay for sharing the dreadful news...

hope you enjoyed!

yours truly.

chapter 108 : i think i'm in LOVE again...


while TRYING to learn CS3 by reading/watching tutorials, i found this company, Go Media, and let's just say that they are AMAZING! want to see for yourself, check out their designs. they are what i would consider "contemporary abstract" and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their work. one of the highlights also is the fact that they sell stock images for commercial/personal/whatever use for pretty cheap...way better than istock, etc.
the more "art" i find like this, the more i REALLY want to get into graphic design and can't wait to learn more.

check it out...i'm sure you'll LOVE it too.

yours truly.

chapter 107 : oh my goodness...


so i'm so GLAD that So You Think You Can Dance is on again. i actually love the audtion shows more than the actual finalist ones because you can see the dancers present their best moves and see amazing technique.
i wish that i would have realized my potential is dance and had never quit, but then again i don't think i could wear the clothes or do some of the partner moves ;). i'm so happy that i'm back into it now though because once it's in your heart, i don't think you EVER let it go.

i also LOVE that we have the opportunity to take two of the most precious things Heavenly Father has given us, our bodies and music, and combine them to display passion, emotion and to show who we really are. talents truly are blessings and who knows, maybe one day i'll have the opportunity to work with someone like Mia Michaels too.

yours truly.

chapter 106 : the winners are...


thanks to the fabulous assistance of mr. clean in a completely unbiased, random drawing, the winners are :

the biggie : Sara
2nd place : Carol
the runner up : Maria

i also decided to give honorable mentions as well because you commented the most:
TaNicka & Shannon. i'm going to make you both 5 handmade cards. thanks!!!

CONGRATS you guys. i really hope you like what you will be receiving and let's hope i can get it to you in a timely manner as well ;).

a HUGE thank you to all who entered! it was so great to hear from old friends as well as new ones, Keren and Rishel. i plan to do another giveaway in the future. i like having something to look forward to.

yours truly.

chapter 105 : a change...


so i'm adding in a pillowcase to the big winner's prize too....check below for the details of the giveaway...

yours truly.

chapter 104 : playing catch up...

so part of the reason i wanted to even do this blog was so that i would have a great place to express myself through things i am doing. here are some new and past things for me :

* i started teaching a dance class in my ward as an Enrichment Group. so if you want to come and get a great workout and learn a dance too, i teach on Weds. mornings from 9-10 and Sat. mornings from 7-8:30. children are welcome and we do it at my church building. let's just say that i really LOVE the ladies i do this for because mornings are not my specialty. honestly though when i got up and going this past Sat. and the sun was shining, it felt like a new start for me. it was a beautiful day and such a wonderful blessing for me to be able to share one of my talents with my great friends. thanks my little dancing divas!

* i'm super excited because i might be starting a graphic design program through BCC extended learning. more details to come if i do it.

* these are a favorite pair of shoes that i bought clear back in dec. so functional and add the perfect touch to my otherwise boring & frumpy Mommy wardrobe...i'm trying to get back in style.

* this is the color we painted our entry way...

* this is the blanket i made for a girl in my ward who just had her 3rd boy yesterday. i love the blue polka dot border and think it turned out pretty cute...

* my first attempt at flower hair clips for the girls. i've gotten lots better since then...

* the top of a baby blanket i started making from a pattern on my happy little life by Kelly McCaleb. love these colors right now and so i was happy to find these fat quarters for only .99 cents.

* so GRATEFUL i found my sewing machine manual online because as you can see below, i was having some MAJOR tension issues...luckily i got it figured out and the blanket finished the night before the shower.

* some hair clips i made for my friend Jennifer. too bad my camera was retarded on the focus part of things. they are lots cuter in real life...

* my new baby!!! isn't she beautiful. i think she should affectionately be called sweet stella!

* a fun pillow case i made by copying one of my best friends, Lynn's, patterns.

* i made all of these for the auction in our ward to help the Young Women be able to go to Girl's Camp. it was fun to make these to help them...

* i made this blanket for my little Bug. she told me she wanted monkeys and for my 2nd one like this, i thought it turned out pretty good. love the way the vine stitch goes so well with the pattern.

* this was my attempt to save money and go blonde at the same time. i ended up with copper instead. so 4 boxes and a couple weeks later, mr. clean asked me to go back to auburn and i did. so now i look almost like i did in this 1st picture...

* oh my Sweet Stella!

* this is the blanket i made for my little Chubbily Bubbly. i love the flower pattern and the decorative stitch. it is so me!

* just some of the flower clips i've made. they are getting cuter each time i make them. thanks to amy for her creative expertise.

* one of the cute designs by Carol that i made at her card making Enrichment night a while ago.

more to come in the future, especially pictures of the giveaway prizes.

yours truly.

chapter 103 : almost time...

so i'm going to pick the winner on Weds., May 21st, so there is still plenty of time to enter again or tell others about it.
i also decided to change my prizes a bit. i'm going to give like this :

the biggie :
* handmade flannel baby blanket (you get to pick the one you like out of 4 different ones i am making)
* handmade childrens pillowcase
* 3 hair clips for a little girl (you pick the colors)
* 5 handmade cards, designed by my oh so creative friend, Carol Calloway (she designs for a scrapbooking store)
* an original piece of artwork...most likely with a bird in it :)

2nd place :
* an original apron made by my super cute & fabulous friend, Amber Folkman. the apron is yellow and white on one side and a light grayish blue on the cute!
* 2 hair clips (you pick the colors)

the runner up :
* 2 hair clips (you pick the colors)
* 5 handmade cards

i thought this way, i could share with more people. thank you all again for commenting here. i appreciate your kindness...even if you are blogstalking Becky! just teasing

yours truly.

chapter 102 : good ol' flabbity flab and being LOST in the glorious sunlight!


today is one of those days for me...a FAT day! i've been super sick this past week with allergies (which my 1 year old also seems to have as she scratches her ears, head and rubs her eyes...poor baby) and a dumb cold so i haven't danced since last Sat. i can so tell! i just feel GROSS!

thank you all for your comments. i'm was working on items that are part of the giveaway tonight, but then of course i got out of my creative groove thanks to LOST. which by the way, i had almost given up on that show again (like the 10th time), but after last week and tonight, i'm back in Baby! next week's season finale will definitely not be one to miss. on nights like this, i love the 52 incher, but still long for a remodeled kitchen as well...awww the irony!

the most important information of was like 75 degrees today and we were able to go outside and actually enjoy it. it's getting so bad that yesterday my 2 year old even commented something to the effect of, "where's the sunshine? i don't see it!" all i could do is hang my head in sadness and say, "i know. me too!"

i'm excited to get posting more again and to get the giveaway taken care of soon. keep your little eyes here for the exciting news of who the winner is...

yours truly.

chapter 101 : want more?


thank you all for your comments thus far. keep them coming and thanks for your support of my own little "creative corner" of the world.
are you wanting even more amazing stuff that i can make? go here to a fabulous local creator and check our her give away, buy something from her etsy shop or just smile in aww at her AMAZING creations.
congrats Sara on your 1 year etsy anniversary!

chapter 100 : drumroll please...


so if you're interested in free stuff, leave me a comment and i will pick a winner in the near future.

rules to enter :
* you can enter as many times as you wish
* if you link my blog on your blog and you let you me know, you get extra points (c:

disclaimer :
i will get your prize(s) to you soon after the winner is announced, but it might take me a while as i will have to make it and get it out and i'm a HUGE procrastinator.

advice to win :
good luck !

yours truly.

chapter 99 : the time has come


my baby is one tomorrow.
how blessed i am.

you are so
and amazing.

oh how we love our little Chubbly Bubbly!