chapter 120 : a sad farewell...


due to many reasons, but especially mr. clean's allergies, we had to sell Ruby.  after my little bug asked, "where's my pup-pup?  where's Ruby?"  i didn't get emotional and am still holding up fine, but i'm really going to miss her...she was like my 3rd child.

i can't make mr. clean not be able to breathe well in his own home or feel stressed by how much she is costing, so it's worth the sacrifice even though it's really hard.

i'm really learning how i always think i need to fill up my life with stuff to be happy instead of making decisions of minimalism which will help me and i will like most in the long run.  it was a very expensive learning experience though as i barely got half of our $ back for her, but i think the girl that bought her will be great to her and give her a good life.

so long my sweet little Ruby.  i will miss you...i already do.

yours truly.


TaNicka said...

My kids were so sad as well,they loved Ruby.