chapter 114 : slice n' dice to save our lives...


recently after another trip to Target for things we "need" and in order to save us financially, mr. clean did the following to my credit card...
he totally didn't do this behind my back, to be mean and/or abusive or out of anger, (he is so NOT any of those things) he did it because he loves me and to help our family. i honestly know that i NEEDED to do it for so long, but was holding onto how spending makes me feel...exhilarated then depressed. beside food, it has become my way to deal with stress which of course only creates more stress and i think its even harder because i rarely spend much on myself.

now we are trying to do better with only spending cash, not using the car so often and really living with our means. i know it's a good idea to listen to the Prophet and other church leaders, but i think it's definitely time we start acting on it.
yours truly.
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Becky said...

I remember the day that happened to me. My card wasn't destroyed, but when I saw how high our bill was, I cut myself off. It was really difficult the first few months, but it turned out to be one of the empowering and strengthening things I have ever done. You'll be surprised what you don't "need" anymore. You can do it!!! Good luck.